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[Review]Garfield’s CGI Comeback: A Fresh Take on the Classic Cat

Ever since its inception as a comic strip in 1978, the iconic orange cat who despises Mondays but adores lasagna and lazing around on the couch, Garfield, has captured the hearts of many. Whether through animated series or live-action films released in 2004 and 2006, Garfield remains a beloved character. This year, Garfield makes a comeback in a CGI animated movie produced by Sony Pictures or Columbia Pictures, which is celebrating its centennial anniversary.

A New Beginning for Garfield


In this new adaptation, viewers get to see Garfield as a kitten, offering adorable scenes of a wide-eyed young Garfield charming his owner Jon, voiced by Nicholas Hoult. Jon is a lonely bachelor who finds companionship in the little kitten he rescues on a rainy night. This young Garfield, who devours trays of lasagna and pizza, grows up to become the plump orange cat known for his love of high-calorie foods and extravagant spending. Garfield’s cozy life, voiced by Chris Pratt, is disrupted when he is kidnapped by Jinx, voiced by Hannah Waddingham. Jinx, a vengeful cat, forces Garfield to join forces with his estranged father Vic, voiced by Samuel L. Jackson, on a mission to steal a thousand bottles of milk to settle an old score.

Innovative Storytelling and Modern Trends

What sets ‘The Garfield Movie‘ apart from previous adaptations is Sony Pictures’ innovative approach to animation and storytelling. This version of Garfield is a mix of parodying famous films and exploring family drama, adding depth and maturity to the character. The film also cleverly incorporates modern trends, such as drone-delivered pizza and viral cat videos, making it relevant and current. References to popular streaming services, like the humorous nod to Netflix with “Catflix,” add a contemporary twist.

Balancing the Old and New

However, these updates come at a cost. The charm of Garfield as a representation of human desires for laziness and indulgence is somewhat lost. The movie shifts focus from the relationship between Jon and Garfield to the adventurous trio of Garfield, Vic, and Odie. This change allows for slapstick comedy and action-packed scenes but neglects the heartwarming dynamic between Jon and Garfield that fans cherish.

Plot Development and Character Focus


The film attempts to balance multiple plotlines, including Garfield’s journey with Vic and Jinx’s revenge plot. Unfortunately, some story elements feel rushed or underdeveloped, leaving little room for emotional build-up. The film’s pacing sometimes disrupts the main narrative’s flow, making it feel disjointed.

The Missing Heart of Garfield

A significant disappointment is the minimal focus on Jon and Garfield’s relationship. After the opening scene where Jon adopts Garfield, Jon’s presence is reduced to a secondary role. This shift overlooks the relatable depiction of Jon’s daily life with Garfield, a key element in previous adaptations that resonated with audiences.

Final Thoughts

Despite these shortcomings, ‘The Garfield Movie‘ still delivers entertainment. Samuel L. Jackson’s voice performance as Vic adds warmth and depth, surprising those familiar with his typically tough-guy roles. The chemistry between Garfield and Odie provides plenty of humorous moments, ensuring that viewers leave the theater with smiles on their faces.


In conclusion, while this new Garfield movie may lack some of the original charm and depth, it successfully modernizes the character for a new generation. Fans might miss the familiar dynamic between Jon and Garfield, but the film’s fresh take and engaging moments make it worth watching.

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